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Micro Loops

Less expensive, less subtle and less intricate than Nano Loops. With no heat or chemicals applied, colour-coded rings are clamped into place, staying fixed for up to 12 weeks. After hair growth, they can be moved up the hair and refitted. Comes with a 6-month warranty.

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Volume From £100
Length From £550

Aftercare advice will be given at the end of each fitting which must be followed for warranty purposes and for prolonging the lifespan and maintaining the healthy condition of your hair.

Loreal Logo

Komao is proud to be a L’Oréal salon in Marlow, officially representing their latest products and techniques. Products such as L’Oréal’s SteamPOD, an ingenious straightening iron that allows steam to flow continuously and gently through the hair, smoothing the look as it’s styled.

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